Saturday, 22 September 2012

Seeing Red

A 5 minute walk from my house is our local market, i set myself a task of photographing anything along the way coloured red, being a City supporter i'm not sure why i choose red, but hey ho!

This wasn't a walk of technical photography, everything i shot was done point and shoot with only 1 image shot of each item.

What i wanted to do was challenge myself to look at the street i walk down every single day from a different angle.

What this excercise taught me is:-

You don't see 80 percent of stuff unless you look for it!

People are genuinely afraid of cameras!

People are intrigued by cameras!

A lot of litter is Red!

Drunks have a lot to say for themselves at 11.30 in the morning not very tolerent of drug addicts who abuse me in the street for doing nothing more than taking a photo of a discarded cigarette packet, although i was tempted to take a photo of the angry red scabs on his face!!

So as you can see, i saw "RED" in more ways than one.


1 comment:

  1. I like the repetitiveness... (eg the can of coke that keeps appearing!)