Monday, 19 November 2012

Exterior location - final & overview

To show in 10 images our understanding of "exterior location".

I chose to photograph a subject "water" as opposed to doing all landscapes for example. What I wanted to show is how water comes in all different forms and how it is used and needed in life.

In my 10 images I have incorporated depth of field, shutter speeds, field of view etc.

I haven't edited the images so they are all straight from camera.

Here are the 10 final images, these aren't the ones I chose as I printed off the wrong file but you can still see from the images my planned intentions.

My thoughts........I hate them! The main obstacle being Me! Getting to know all the various settings etc, I found I was thinking too much about the technical element of photography rather than the creative element, which frustrated the hell out of me, this led to me missing out a lot of the basics, use of a tripod, rule of thirds being 2 of the main failures. On a more positive note, i know where I went wrong and as I'm now more confident with the camera than when took these, I'm now creating images I want to create as opposed to panicking and shooting whatever!

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  1. Hmm, I said that you had to demonstrate that you were capable a seeing the faults, but you hate them?