Monday, 11 February 2013

Documentary - Children in politics

On Saturday 9th February the local people of Levenshulme went out in force to protest about the closing of the local Library and Swimming pool, I went along with my camera to document it. What struck me the most about this protest was the amount of children "obviously with their parents" who where actively involved.
Where would our children be without a library to read books? The olympics stirred up a whole new appetite for sports, on the back of this the government adopted its "The Olympics Legacy" and then they plan to close swimming pools and leisure centres.
So here are a few photos of the children of the day.......


  1. Some good images here Vicky, particularly the last one. I would have preferred the first if you had been closer, made the crowd look bigger. Nice one Ms Boylan

    1. Thanks John, i've added a different crowd scene which is a bit closer ;-)