Friday, 19 October 2012

Interior Brief Photographer Research - Bridget Smith

As part of my interior brief i want to photograph the bustling life of theatres and entertainment venues, Bridget Smith captures these spaces in a completely different way

Bridget Smith works within the documentary genre but she photographs places of fantasy and escapism. Smith is interested in the places where people go to seek refuge from the outside world: to escape boredom, to be diverted, transported, absorbed – places to lose oneself, where pretence and reality are often confused.
Smith’s photographs have documented the construction of fantasy and the architecture of entertainment, the function of which is to disconnect people from their everyday lives and concerns.

I like the stillness and quietness of these photos, she captures places that are normally bustling with people and noise such as theatres, cinemas and community halls and makes them dreamlike awaiting the onslaught of people and noise.
Bibliography Frith Street Gallery

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