Friday, 19 October 2012

Photoshop - An Introduction -Fruitman

Having never used Photoshop in my life before we were given the task of making a fruitman out of images of is my attempt, not very good but at least i picked up 1 or 2 commands that will put me in good sted for future editing of photos.

I've never been a fan of photoshop as a lot of commercial images of today are photoshopped to hell and bare little resemblance to the original photograph taken, taking out a spot or a bit of red eye, or cropping something im ok with, but total image manipulation i don't really agree with. However if one is to try and succeed in this field when everyone else is using photoshop then one has to shove ones opinions where the sun doesn't shine and just get on with it!

I had a go at total manipulation of an image this morning and heres the finished product!

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