Friday, 15 March 2013

Northern Quarter Manchester - Music Trail

A visit to the Northern Quarter in Manchester to photograph the areas links to music. Everywhere you turn in

The Northern Quarter its links to music are apparent but for me the first port of call had to be the Roadhouse.


The Roadhouse has played host to many famous bands over the years. Manchester band Elbow played early gigs there and most of them worked there behind the bar and on the door before hitting the big time and are still best mates with the owner Kate. Local bands I Am Kloot who's music is produced by Elbow's Craig and Guy have also strong links to the Roadhouse along with The Rainband who are currently taking the music industry by storm. From Coldplay to Texas, they,ve all played here.

The Castle Hotel

The Castle now hosts a small intimate music venue of its own. The Castle is more notebly known for its link to Joy Division's Ian Curtis who was interviewed here by John Peel back in 1979

Night & Day

Night & Day has played host to thousands of bands over the years and is one of Manchesters most respected music venues. Elbow's Guy Garvey is reported to have spent so much time here in the early years  that he gave out the venues number as his home number to record companies

Matt & Phreds

Matt & Phreds is now a jazz bar but was once P J Bells, P J Bells once again saw the likes of Elbow gracing its stage in their early years

Posters, advertising, iconic buildings, record shops dotted around the Northern Quarter

I did have a few more images but blogger wont let me upload any more. I'd like to go and reshoot some of the venues, I shall be doing a further post on music venues around Manchester so will reshoot then. I will also go more indepth in to Manchester Music and its icons

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