Monday, 4 March 2013

Studio Submission

Here are my final images for my studio brief. When it comes to lighting I still have a lot to learn, i've tried to mix up my submission by including both still life and portrait.

Image 1 - Converse

The above was lit with a softbox, that gives it a soft even light, however with using the reflectors, this highlighted areas of the watch and rock, it also highlighted the table as it was a gloss top so these were smudged out in PS

Lighting setup for the above image

Image 2 - Glass
This was placed on a still life table which was lit from behind with a softbox flash slightly to the left of the subject. The softbox gave it a nice soft even light which stops any glare reflecting off the glass itself but still shows the detail in the glass.
Lighting Set Up for above image
Image 3 - Skull
The subject was placed on a perspex sheet with further subject matter underneath. The underneath was lit from behind with an halogen spotlight with barndoors and set in front of the spotlight was a honeycomb grill. The honeycomb grill diffuses the direct glare from the spotlight and allows just enough light to light the subject matter underneath whilst not affecting the light to the main subject. The top was lit using a discharge tube light within a beauty dish, this gives a much harsher light than a softbox.
Lighting setup for the above image
Image 4 - Low Key
The boards either side of the light ensure that the light is directed straight onto the subject. The deep reflector gives a harsh directional light that is good for shooting "mean & moody" shots and is perfect for low key

Lighting set up for the above image

Image 5 - Rose

The above image was placed on a still life table, to the right rear was a continuous light with barn doors, to the front right was a flash with honeycomb grill, the honeycomb grill allows you to put a strong directional light upon the subject, which is good for highlighting a particular part of a subject. The above image was deliberately over exposed and a slow shutter speed used to give the above effect.

lighting set up for the above image

Image 6 - Serrano Inspired
Background lit by constant light source with a softbox to the right of the subject. The softbox gives a a nice soft even light that does not produce shadows and is perfect for use on portraits.
Image 7 - The Doc
The above image was lit using a lounge uprighter lamp balanced on top of an ironing board with a tinfoil reflector to the left of the face, I had quite a bit of natural light from the right hand side from a window
Lighting setup for the above image
Overall I am very pleased with the level of my submission, I still have a lot to learn in terms of lighting but I think the images show I have the ability to light various subjects. During the studio work I constantly found myself altering the lighting setups to try out various other options to the ones set up prior to the shoot. I also tried to think outside the box in terms of how I shot a subject like the Rose, the Glass and the doc images show.
A Bit More On Studio
Lighting in the studio:
Softbox - Diffuses Light
Beauty Dish - Contrasted for a more dramatic effect
Snoot - Produces a small pool of light, good for still life and highlighting
Honeycomb - Produces small patch of light
Deep Reflector - Deep & Moody - good for low key
Constant Source:-
Red head
Discharge Tube Light
Here are a few more images good and bad from my time in the studio:



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