Thursday, 30 May 2013

Digital Montage - Margaret Thatcher Section 28

My Montage is based on Section 28 legislation that Maggie Thatcher brought out to stop the teaching or mention of homosexuality in schools This is my personal response to a political issue. For the montage I took a portrait off the internet of Maggie courtesy of I took the wikipedia entry for Section 28 copy and pasted it to a word document and changed the font size and style and converted the text to red. I changed the portrait to black and white in photoshop and applied a mask to bring back the colour of the flag. I opened a text layer and copied the text and aligned it over her face. I scanned 4 newspaper cuttings on a flatbed scanner and copy and pasted on to the side of the portrait.

Alternative images based on the above with an added image of the Gay Rainbow flag that was then manipulated in blending mode:-

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