Thursday, 9 May 2013

Organised Chaos Productions - Production Shoot

Organised Chaos where starting a North West Tour of 2 of their plays "Broken" & "A Lot of It About" I was to photograph the opening night at The Lowry in Manchester.

Preperation :- 

I met with the Director of OC to see what was required, the sort of photos she wanted, and what the photos would be used for. I read through a synopsis of each play and went along to 2 rehearsals to do test shoots and to meet the cast and directors so that on opening night they were comfortable with having me around and therefore more relaxed in front of the camera. It was imperative that I knew what scenes were crucial to the plot so that I didn't miss them. I will be shooting Digital as the photos would mainly be used on the web and press releases so this would be easier than working with film as I dont have the facilities to process them. After each rehearsal the photos were sent off for approval so that I knew I was getting what the client wanted.

Test Shots - As the lighting etc is different in a theatre, the test shots were more about were I would position myself and were each cast member was situated, hence why I havent edited 99% of them


my photos appeared here:-

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