Friday, 14 June 2013

Kevin Cummins - Photographer Research - Photographic Media

After studying photography for four years in Salford, Kevin embarked on a career that was to encompass a wide range of photographic work. The burgeoning punk scene in Manchester dominated his early work and he quickly became one of the premier documentary photographers of the era.
He then started working with Manchester’s prestigious Royal Exchange Theatre and was soon in demand by major theatre companies across the UK, most notably: The Royal Opera House, The Royal Northern Ballet, The Liverpool Playhouse and The Oxford Playhouse.
Kevin was instrumental in establishing City Life, Manchester’s ‘what’s on’ guide and was a founding contributor to The Face, the influential style magazine where he won an award for Magazine Cover of the Year. -

Kevin in the last couple of weeks has been working with the library Theatre on Manchester Sound

Cummins, typical Manc, combining art with a good time, a sense of beauty with a take-the-mickey ability to get on with all his subjects,  "I never liked that anodyne studio stuff," he says. "I wanted to put bands where they were comfortable." Which explains the iconic shots of Joy Division on a snow-covered bridge over Princess Parkway, of Shaun Ryder grinning beneath a big E, of the Stone Roses covered in Pollock-like paint, of Liam and Noel in Man City shirts, even that one of Madonna dancing next to one of the Haçienda's striped pillars. All memorable, defining images. There are others too, to satisfy the I-was-there crowd, such as a picture of Andrew Berry and his fellow snippers at Swing, the Haçienda hair salon; of the desolate sweep of the now-demolished council estate in Hulme; the sweaty, bemused Haçienda faithful just after the lights went up. The Observer,


Some photos taken on mobile phone at recent exhibition in Manchester


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