Tuesday, 4 June 2013

To Die For Entertainment - Final & Evaluation

Here are some of the final images from the To Die For Entertainment Photo shoot. I have picked a varying range from publicity shots to cast portraits to show the range of styles I did on the day.

I was asked to take a variety of photos for the company to use as publicity for one of their up and coming shows, the images would be used on the web to advertise on social network and also to design a poster. I was very successful in doing this, one of the images was used to make a flyer and poster and another was used by the local press to advertise the event.

Overall I was pleased with the standard of images I produced and the imaginative way that I shot them. The sky in the outdoor shots is missing detail but on the day the sky was grey and flat so it wasn't even possible to bring back any detail in photoshop or lightroom, this isnt too much of a problem as the shoot was about the characters in the images and not about the surrounding environment. I would like to have tried some with off camera flash but did not have one available.

I achieved my planned intentions, images edited in lightroom and cropped in windows live.

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  1. Did you research anyone in particular prior to shooting? You have some very interesting images here, I like the way you have varied the viewpoint. Can you tag your posts for the unit that they apply to please.